Our hands are the means by which we reach out and touch the world.

For a newborn, hands are the medium through which he or she experiences the tangible feeling of – something. Something familiar, yet new and foreign – something that contains infinite possibility.

Written on each finger is a tiny verification of identity, a proof that we are here to experience something in a unique way. Each human being has their own fingerprint, their individual perception of the world, and their own way to reach out and impact it.

Just like our personalities, fingerprints spend time developing, even before we’re born. Full DNA, containing the code for the individuals that we will become, is present and developing from the moment of our conception. Fingerprints, the tiny promise of a unique experience, begin forming six weeks after conception, and are fully developed by the time we are six months in the womb.

Our fingerprints are just one small indication of who we are, of the infinite possibilities of beauty that we can reach out and create through them.

Each of us is meant to experience the world in a matchless way, and to touch it as only we can.