Kelly Clarkson's "Heartbeat Song" released early this year features her baby, River Rose, in a creative way. Kelly shares that “the beat is actually River’s heartbeat slowed down from when she was in my tummy!” 

 While using a heartbeat as the beat of a track is a new concept to most, a few songwriters have used it in the past. Matt Bellamy, lead singer of Muse, used a sample of his pre-born son’s heartbeat at the beginning of the song “Follow Me”, and Pink Floyd’s “Speak to Me” also features a heartbeat as a sound effect. 

 Both Clarkson and Bellamy’s songs use the heartbeat of a pre-born child (which already begins at 21 days into pregnancy!) as a celebration of the new life in a pregnancy. Kelly’s inspiration to feature River showcases an exuberant love for her daughter throughout her pregnancy, and helps title the hit single from her new album, Piece by Piece. 

 The upbeat tune celebrates and dances - much like River in the first teaser that Kelly released this past January. Watch it now!